Amplify Concerts Music Events with Online Marketing

We have had some trouble getting the crowds we wanted for our music events for several years now since record stores faded away. While it was still easy to reach people who might be into our event, I was always aware that there were thousands of people out there that just weren't seeing any advertising or making any contact with the places where we were letting people know about the event. Music people just don't have one place where a lot of them hang out anymore.

So, we needed a new solution, and I think we've found one that will work out for us for a while. The event last year was the first time that we had ever tried online marketing to targeting people who were looking for music events through search engines instead of on the streets. Since we're a small production company, we could only afford a small campaign, which at least allowed us to get the word out in advertisements and on Facebook. I should note that we didn't do any of this ourselves, and that we really wouldn't have had the know how. The campaign was managed by a company we hired.

I would say that the small investment we made into marketing was worth about 25% of our total ticket sales for this year. It was a great success, enough so that we will be able to put some of the extra sales we got toward expanding the marketing for our next big concert. I would love to hear anyone else's experience with online marketing for outdoor events. We could use some experienced tips to bring into the next season.